To produce our initial promotional content for Atlas Standard we hit the road, placing our subjects in situations that would put our garments to the test. Our brand is deeply rooted in individual freedom and self-reliance. This is echoed in the technical, modular style of our products and can also be seen in their utility, durability, and sharp aesthetics. It all comes together to create a feeling of being both comfortable and prepared in any environment or situation.

All Atlas garments have unique technical features that set them apart from standard activewear, without drawing undesired attention. Our trademark Enhanced Mobility Construction isn't outwardly visible, but it means all Atlas garments are engineered to provide unrestricted freedom of movement.  

Similarly, many Atlas Standard jackets are equipped with our integrated Discreet Cargo Platform™ to carry gear out of view and reach of would-be thieves. Concealed zippers, hidden pockets, cable routing ports, and more. Check out our other posts for more information on these technical details and view the video below to get a better sense of the overall Atlas look and feel.